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Cosmetic device for skin care & skin cleaning

Hyloboost is a true wellness wonder weapon. With this innovative device for skin improvements you can spoil your customers with 6 different beauty application – each and every one of them individually adapted to your customer’s skin type, skin structure, and skin problem. This incredible vast range of applications leads to a huge possible customer base since Hyloboost is suitable for clients with dilated pored, acne, blackheads, scars, pigment spots, wrinkles, and many other skin conditions. Despite being astoundingly versatile Hyloboost is, however, still surprisingly simple in its operation. As a result, Hyloboost is not only designed for experiences cosmeticians who need to revitalize their outdated business with a new scope of applications, but also a perfect fit for newcomers who need a guarantee for success to overcome the hard challenges of the first year.

Effective skin improvements with Hyloboost

  • Diamant peeling
  • CooLED

Gentle skin care with Hyloboost

  • Magic Mask
  • Tonic Spray

Thorough skin cleansing with Hyloboost

  • Hydro-Peeling
  • RHP 


Lift and tighten your customer’s skin without chemicals, pain, or surgery. Hyloboost offers a save and non-invasive alternative to severe beauty treatments. Remove skin impurities, lighten scars, or iron out wrinkles with Hyloboost. Its diamond peeling application is a gentle and effective method to remove particles of the upper skin layer by grinding them with minute crystals.
In this context, every diamond peeler comes with a set of differently sized attachments for different skin issues and face regions. By exchanging them you can easily reach even small areas around the nose or more sensible skin parts near the throat. In order to make the handling even more convenient, the handpiece possesses an integrated vacuum cup which removes the old skin scales immediately. Thus the effect of this microderm device is clearly noticeable after the first treatment since the skin already feels more tender, smooth, and elastic.

Effects of diamond microdermabrasion:


Peeling of a special kind: Select the hydro peeling function of Hyloboost to spoil your customers with a unique aqua peeling. The effective combination of water peeling and vacuum cup thereby simultaneously induces a deep skin cleansing as well as an optimized absorption of subsequent agents. And the best part is that this water application is a particular gentle face peeling that works for every skin type – simply choose the appropriate lotion and adjust your treatment to oily, sensible, or dry skin.
The hydro peeler simultaneously removes old skin particles by generating a vacuum and refreshes the skin by submitting the lotion of your choice. The effectiveness of the cosmetic lotion is thereby enhanced through a high water pressure mechanism, which inserts the active agents deep into the customer’s skin for optimal results. Naturally, we will provide you with several aqua peeling lotions and handpiece attachments in order for you to start right away into the refreshing world of aqua dermabrasion and make the most out of every session.

Effects of hydro dermabrasion:


Delight your customers with a quick freshness kick on a hot summer day. From the second this cool handpiece touches the cheek, your clients will feel a pleasantly cool sensation that lasts all day and causes a beaming fresh look. The cooling plates of CooLED soothe the skin, ease swellings, and beautify the skin tone. Moreover, they can also relieve slight pain, stop itchiness, and turn every cosmetic application into a relaxing wellness experience.
The instant cooling effect of CooLED is perfectly complemented by a blue light technology. Since blue LEDs have been proven successful in cosmetic treatments of bacteria and inflammations, they were added to the Hyloboost system in order to improve the skin texture, ease moderate acne, and remove skin impurities. In addition, the facial LEDs can induce the formation of oxygen and thereby freshen up the skin appearance. Since this cold-light-therapy presents a highly gently cosmetic application, it is perfect for irritated, sensitive, or damaged skin.

Effects of the skin cooling:

Magic Mask

Revive your business and energize your customers with this electrifying face application. Magic Mask optimizes the absorption of active agents by inducing a low direct current which opens your customer’s pores. For this purpose a fleece mask which has been soaked in active agents and is equipped with electrodes is placed onto the face. For the following 30 minutes it will release its full effects and live up to its colloquial name “wrinkle iron”. The galvanic spa device manages to put a smile on your customer’s face by ironing out wrinkles, tightening the skin, and causing an anti-aging effect completely without pain, injuries, or discomfort. Major success for your clients, minor challenge for you – since Magic mask is a passive application that does not require your permanent assistance. Simple select the preset parameters on the device, apply the mask to your customers face, and leave the rest to Hyloboost.

Effects of iontophoresis:


Even though Hyloboost already combined four incredible effective beauty applications incl. diamond peeling, hydro peeling, magic mask, and CooLED, we were not still satisfied with its diversity and added another beauty accessory: RHP. This vibrating handpiece even possesses a dual cosmetic advantage since it offers two different skin treatments. By exchanging the top of the handpiece you can offer your customers either a relaxing face massage or a comprehensive skin cleansing. Since Hyloboost thereby combines six different cosmetic applications you can please your customers with a holistic and extensive wellness program or delight them with an altered beauty session for every appointment. The RHP cleaning and massage functions are perfect complementarities for this since they simultaneously calm down the customer and their skin for an effective, relaxing beauty treatment.

Effects of the face massage:

Bonus: Tonic-Spray

But we have yet another ace up in our sleeve! Hyloboost does not only possess six different application functions, but also one additional add-on: An invigorating tonic spray. Complement your beauty session with a refreshing breeze and revitalize your customers after an exhausting day. Every tap on our tonic spray equals pure freshness and charms your senses. And in order to optimize the absorption of the active agents, you can individually adjust the spray pressure. Enchant your customers with a refreshing breeze for a fresh look.


6 applications in one device


Best quality
Made in Germany


different lotions, handpieces & attachments


Marketing and furnishing packages


Free training including certificate


for different skin types & problems


simple, self-explanatory operation


Free starter pack


maintenance, repairs, and service


2 year guarantee

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