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Cosmetic device for skin care & skin cleaning

This skin appearance enhancer is a true wellness miracle weapon. Treat your customers to 6 different treatments and customize each one to suit their skin type, skin texture and skin problem. Due to the incredible variety of treatments, you can secure a huge customer base: enlarged pores, acne, blackheads, scars, pigmentation marks or wrinkles – all no problem for Hyloboost. And despite its versatility, it is still brilliantly easy to use! This cosmetic device is perfect for all newcomers to the profession who want a guarantee of success for the difficult start, as well as for all long-time studio owners who want to breathe life back into their business with a new range of applications.

Effective skin improvements with Hyloboost

  • Diamant peeling
  • CooLED

Gentle skin care with Hyloboost

  • Magic Mask
  • Tonic Spray

Thorough skin cleansing with Hyloboost

  • Hydro-Peeling
  • RHP 


Without chemicals, without surgery and without pain, the Hyloboost can tighten and smooth the skin. There are no limits to the success of the treatment: Skin impurities are removed, scars are reduced and wrinkles are ironed out. All this can be achieved almost in the twinkling of an eye with diamond peeling – a gentle method in which particles of the upper skin layer are removed by means of small crystals. The diamond peeler of the Hyloboost has different sized attachments for different skin problems and facial areas. Also integrated in the handpiece is a vacuum suction cup, through which the removed skin scales disappear directly. As a result, the skin is already significantly softer, more elastic and smoother after the first treatment with this microderm device.

Effects of diamond microdermabrasion:


The peeling of a special kind: With the hydro-peeling function of the Hyloboost, you can pamper your customers with an extraordinary aqua-peeling. The successful combination of water peeling and vacuum cleansing results in pore-deep cleansing and optimal absorption of active ingredients at the same time – and for every skin type. Aquabration is one of the most skin-friendly facial peelings and can be specially adapted to oily, sensitive or dry skin using various lotions. The active ingredients are transported directly into the deeper layers of the skin using high pressure water, where they can develop their full effect. Of course, you will therefore receive several lotions and aquapellers with every Hyloboost, so that you can start directly into the refreshing world of aqua dermabrasion.

Effects of hydro dermabrasion:


This cooling effect provides a quick freshness boost even on hot days. Because as soon as you stroke the cheek of your customers with this handpiece, the skin is provided with an instant cooling effect that ensures a radiant, fresh appearance all day long. The cooling panels reduce swelling, soothe the skin and beautify the complexion. In addition, minor aches and pains or itching can also be relieved and the application provides wonderful relaxation for your client. This cooling program is perfectly complemented by the LEDs integrated in the handpiece. Their blue light has a particularly gentle effect on inflammations and bacteria. The LED facial is therefore used primarily for mild to moderate acne to improve the skin’s appearance and alleviate skin impurities. In addition, it stimulates the formation of oxygen and makes the skin look fresher again. As an extremely gentle cosmetic application, this cold-light therapy is thus also perfectly suited for irritated, sensitive or damaged skin.

Effects of the skin cooling:

Magic Mask

This electrifying facial treatment will inspire your customers and revitalize your business. Because in this unique method, the pores of the skin are opened with a weak sliding current to optimize the absorption of cosmetic active ingredients. For this purpose, a fleece mask equipped with electrodes rests on the face of your customers for about half an hour and unfolds its unique effect – it is not for nothing that the Galvanic Spa device is often called a wrinkle iron. Completely painless, it succeeds in tightening the skin, ironing out wrinkles, achieving an anti-aging effect and bringing a smile to the face. These huge successes can be achieved with minimal effort.

Effects of iontophoresis:


With Diamond Peel, Hydro Peel, Magic Mask and CooLED, the Hyloboost already combines an incredible four applications in just one device – but that’s not enough for us. That’s why we’ve added a rotating handpiece to expand this range of applications with two more skin-improving functions. With two different attachments, a relaxing facial massage or an extensive skin cleansing can now also be offered. In this way, you can either pamper your customers with a holistic, extensive wellness program or give them small pleasures every now and then. The cleansing and massage functions of the RHP are the perfect addition to any cosmetic treatment plan, as both the skin and the customer can fully relax.

Effects of the face massage:

Bonus: Tonic-Spray

Finally, we have saved a very special gift for you: In addition to the six application functions, each device also comes with a refreshing tonic spray. Round out your cosmetic treatment by giving your clients renewed energy after a busy day. Each pinch of our tonic spray provides pure refreshment and is a wonderful treat for all the senses. And to ensure that the active ingredients are absorbed particularly well by the skin, you can adjust the spray pressure individually on the Hyloboost. In this way, you ensure a fresh appearance and a satisfied customer with a refreshing breeze.


6 applications in one device


Best quality
Made in Germany


different lotions, handpieces & attachments


Marketing and furnishing packages


Free training including certificate


for different skin types & problems


simple, self-explanatory operation


Free starter pack


maintenance, repairs, and service


1 year guarantee

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